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SKU 110 Gourmet Gift Basket
Gourmet Gift Basket

-Bottle of Chilean Chardonnay Wine
-Bottle of Chilean Merlot Wine
-Package of Imported Crackers
-Pate de Pato
-Bottle of Onions on balsamic vinegar
-Italian Antipasto
-Aceituna Manz rellena anchoas
-Chile Jelly
Our price: $149.00
SKU 111 Luxury Gift Basket Set
Luxury Gift Basket Set

1 High quality imported coffee
2 boxes of imported cookies
3 boxes of imported chocolates
2 packages of imported dried fruits
2 packages of imported mixed and selected nuts
A bottle of quality imported BRUT Sparkling Wine
gift-wrapped in a basket
Our price: $259.00
SKU 112 White Chilean Wine & sweets gift basket
White Chilean Wine & sweets gift basket

4 boxes of imported milk chocolates
3 boxes of imported cookies
2 imported chocolate bars
A bottle of imported Chilean white wine
Gift wrap decorated basket
Our price: $153.00
SKU 113 Awesome Chilean Wine Basket, perfect gift
Awesome Chilean Wine Basket, perfect gift
Our price: $197.00
SKU 114 Deluxe Gift Basket Wine & Sweets
- 4 bottles of Chilean Cabernet wine

- 1 Box Candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate, 200 grams. Another one of your best sellers. Chocolate lovers will be delighted with this exquisite and exotic chocolate.

- 1 Box Caramelized macadamia nuts covered in dark chocolate, 200 grams. One of our best selling. Rich macadamia nuts, caramelized with sugar and then covered in rich dark chocolate.

- 1 box of assorted chocolates, 17 pieces, 170 grams. Contains a variety of chocolates, dark chocolate, macadamia nuts with milk chocolate, marzipan covered in dark chocolate, caramel, fondent and praline with marzipan

- 2 bags of assorted chocolates 20 pieces

- 2 bags of hand made special vanilla and chocolate cookies

- 1 bag of cookies (vanilla and strawberry jelly) 170g

- 1 bag of assorted cookies 170g

- 2 bags of marzipan 170g marzipan Contents: 16 marzipan fruit shaped

- 2 bags Biscotti Cantuccini 150g (Italian Biscotti)

- 1 box of cherry chocolates, 16 pieces, 150 grams. Cherries covered in rich dark chocolate (semi sweet).
Our price: $385.00
SKU 170 Canasta Especial productos gourmet
Nueces Mixtas
Pate de Pato
Galletas tipo crackers
Cebollitas en vinagre bals?mico
Antipasto Italiano
Whisky Chivas Regal 12 a?os
Vino Chileno Chardonay 750ml
Vino Chileno Tinto 750 ml
Our price: $205.00
SKU 171 Argentina's Gift Basket
Argentina's Gift Basket
1 Bottle Argentina's White Wine 375ml
1 Bottle Argentina's Red Wine 375ml
1 Imported crackers
1 Pate de Pato

Dos de nuestros mejores vinos argentinos Peque?a Vasija, blanco y tinto de 375 ml, se complementan finamente con las galletas de soda con aceite de oliva y romero que a?aden un toque especial al delicado mousse de oca
Our price: $59.00
SKU 172 Canepa Gift Basket Chilean Wine

1 Bottle Sauvignon Blanc Wine 375ml
1 Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon 375ml
1 Imported crackers
1 Red Pesto
1 Imported Chocolate

Dos excelentes vinos chilenos Canepa de 375 ml, Sauvignon Blanc (blanco) y Cabernet Sauvignon (tinto), se degustan a la perfecci?n con las galletas de soda con aceite de oliva y romero y el exquisito pesto rojo; para finalizar un rico chocolate con pasas.
Our price: $72.00
SKU 173 Premium Basket Sweets & Chocolates & Cookies
1- 1 caja chocolates de naranja 200g
2- 1 caja chocolates de macadamia acaramelada 200g
3- 1 caja chocolates surtidos 170g
4- 2 bolsas con chocolates surtidos 200g
5- 2 bolsas galletas herraduras (vainilla con chocolate amargo) 170g
6- 1 bolsa1 galletas nidos (vainilla y jalea fresa) 170g
7- 1 bolsa galletas surtidas 170g
8- 2 bolsas de marzapan (forma frutas) 170 g
9- 2 bolsas Biscotti Cantuccini 150g (Italian Biscotti)
10 - 1 caja de chocolates de cereza 150g
Our price: $247.00
SKU 174 Christmas Premium Gift Basket
Christmas Premium Gift Basket

Box orange chocolates 200g.
Box of macadamia nuts chocolates 200g.
Box of mixed flavor chocolates 170g
Bag of mixed flavor chocolates 150g
2 bags of favorite best seller cookies "Herraduras" mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavor 170g.
Bag of strawberry flavor best seller cookies 170g.
Marzipan fruits shape 170g.
Biscotti cantuccini bag 150g.
Box cherry chocolates 16 unds.
Our price: $185.00
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